Magnetic Notepad

Things I love: writing notes. Despite being a technology junkie I love the idea of writing things down, especially when it's a way that very useful. As a foodie, a human, and someone that generally always wants their fridge to be full, having a shopping list on my fridge is ideal. Especially one that's already magnetic, so I don't have to worry about finding magnets strong enough to make the pads stick.

This magnetic notepad set from HOLDM not only comes with two sets of pads and a cute little magnet but also a nifty little pen holder that's also.....magnetic. It's great because I get to use whatever pen I want and know that I'll always have a place for it. And when it runs out of ink, I can just throw another one in. 

There's not much to say about this since it's a pretty basic thing but don't underestimate it for that reason. It's def a great addition to a kitchen and it's one of the only things I'd put on my fridge because it's actually useful!

  •  An 8X4 inch notepad with one 3.5X3.5 inch magnet used on the back, which holds the pad tightly to the fridge. Stop looking for your shopping list on the ground, or hidden away in a pocket
  • Leather pen holder with magnet on the back so you can always have your pen ready on the refrigerator. Never waste any time looking for a pen when you want to put important things down. The holder is universal so you can put ANY pen you like in this magnetic pen holder.
  • A transparent and nicely designed magnet is included to hold your extra shopping list right where you can see it
  • With no garish printings on the 40 sheets notepad, this fridge pad is designed with light colors, which is great for office, home, school, or dorms …. Wherever anyone needs a take away reminder.