Let's Talk About Pores!

Pores are making a comeback these days. I remember when Biore nose strips were all the rage about 10 years ago and just as quickly as we became obsessed with clearing the pores on our noses the fad quickly faded away. But why it was a fad is something I will never know.

Ever since that emergence I became obsessed myself and haven't really stopped. I take comfort in laying on my back in bed with a zoom mirror and a pair of tweezers and went to work on freeing my pores of yucky black and white heads. But these days all of these machines have come out that promise to clean out your pores super quick and naturally, because it's a gadget, super cool.

When I got this package I was excited at how small and light it was, also at the fact that it gets charged via USB. You have nooooo idea how much that means to me because traveling with a ton of power cords is a nightmare. So well, now you do know how much it means to me ;-)

I tried this a few times and I'm iffy about the results. I don't feel like it sucked out as much from my pores because of how much space is between the end of the suction tube to the actual suction part. I was able to get some from softer areas of my nose because they're easy to like move around but for my chin and the tip of my nose it was just a no.

Despite all this it is a fun little tool and I'm going to look up some tricks that I can use to make it work better for me. In the meantime totally give it a try! Read on below for the info that Amazon has for this on their site and you can make your own opinion on it!

  • PORE CLEANSER SUCTION TOOL TO RENEW AND IMPROVE SKIN'S ELASTICITY Relieve coarse face pore, exfoliate dead skin, clean and remove blackheads, black heads, whitehead, white head, comedo, comedone, pimples, acne scars, blemish, age spots, dirt, minimizer large pores, wrinkle and brighten your complexion with this all-in-one pore vacuum cleaner. You can also use as acne extractor machine and skin tightening too. Better than the usual dermabrasion.
  • EASY TO CARE FOR It is easy to clean mouth head, this rechargeable blackhead vacuum remover requires little to no maintenance
  • ADJUST SPEED TO YOUR NEEDS Featuring strong yet adjustable blackhead suction tool, this skin cleaner vacuum can effectively suck out and remove your acne and blackheads at the speed you desire.
  • SAFE ON DELICATE SKIN The gentle suction power of the blackhead extractors will not leave behind traces of use--only fresh, renewed skin