LED Light Up Selfie Case

What's in a selfie? Anything and everything! If a person isn't taking selfies, can they prove they were anywhere? Probably not. This is easy on a nice sunny day or a well lit place but not when it's dark out or you're out at a bar.

Thanks to this LED Light Up Selfie Case, something like that won't be much of a problem so here are the pros and cons:

-The lights is super bright. Straight out of the box the light was bright like whoa! It was enough to where I noticed a difference in photos that I took even with medium light which was amazing.
-There are 3 settings. There's bright, brighter, and flash. Those are the settings that work with the front facing camera. It also has a light for when you're going to use the back facing camera, which totally comes in handy when there's low light and you want to take a photo that isn't a selfie. 
-Extra Battery.This case also acts as an extended battery which is great for those moments when you're taking tons of Snapchat videos, because we all know how draining those are on the batteries.

The case is HUGE! HUGE! It makes the phone about three times as thick as normal which kind of defeats the purpose of a super slim and sleek phone. I'm thinking that maybe it'll be good to be kept in a purse for those moments that the extra light or battery are needed but I don't see anyone using this on an everyday basis because I sure won't.

Despite the thickness of the case, it's totally something I would take with me on a night out if I plan on taking tons of pictures and videos but it's hard for me to think of this as an everyday phone case.