Get Cozy With a Body Pillow

I'm obsessed with bedding. I think having the right bedding is the best way to ensure that you get a good nights rest along with a good chill. So this means that along with a good mattress, cozy cushions and pillows are an absolute must! When I was in college I used to have those 'boyfriend pillows' that were a nice way to be upright in bed while studying or working on a paper without falling asleep. But while they were super cool, they weren't very versatile and were only good for one thing.

Having a body pillow like this one by Queen Rose is super cool because it's so versatile and firm. No, I'm not pregnant or nursing, and I've had friends use these during their pregnancies tell me that they didn't really use these during that time but they totally did after. I have a queen size bed and I keep it on the floor (over a blanket) next to the bed for when I want to chill in bed instead of the couch but not be laying down. It's also a good alternative to a warm body when I'm sleeping alone!

This thing is huge! But it's easy to maneuver and the weight is worth it because it's what makes it so firm. I also like the colors of the cover. I keep this in a room that's very grey so having a light blue and light pink cover works to give the bedroom area some life. 

I like this pillow, and it's really great for the price. Regular pillows are so expensive if you want something really firm and made well, so having this one at an affordable price, just over $50, is a total steal.