End the Summer with Flirty Outfits

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Oh summer. Bare legs, short airy dresses and flirty sandals. There's nothing I like better than taking off a thick, heavy coat or long flowy sweater. Well no, let me say that I absolutely love fall fashion but lately I've been huge on celebrating the freeness of summer. This summer I had the chance to attend a lot of events and being that my birthday is in the summer, I always feel like I have a few more than others. Because of this I tend to plan a lot more outfits than I will probably wear. Or that was the case when I was living back in NYC. Now that I'm in LA, I really do have endless summers. Still, summer is pretty special.

Now when I think of summer wear I have to always think about how my body is going to be (and look) while I'm wearing cute dresses. My go to moisturizer is argan oil. I don't use lotions, just this. It works super well to keep my skin moisturized and hydrated during the summer (or anytime of year actually). But to get things started I have to make sure that my skin is nice and scrubbed and this is where my Tone® Body Wash comes in. Out of the two that I'm currently using, the Tone® Blissful Awakening Body Wash one is my favorite. Why? Because I love coffee, so anything with caffeine is a win. But also because I love the scent. It makes me feel really relaxed and helps wake me up by giving me something to smell in the shower that isn't just regular soap. Plus, the scent of vanilla is totally heavenly to me.

For the final days of official summer I'm trying to find reasons to go out a lot. I'm looking for any excuse to wear one of my dresses that should only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I got a few new shoes last week for my upcoming trip which pair well with a few dresses I plan to wear.

First, I have this light brown dress that I was given years ago but never really thought of wearing. Looking back though I see that it's an awesome dress to wear during super breezy days because of it's length. After all, I don't plan on being a flasher anytime soon. Pairing this airy dress with very low key but super cute sandals is going to be a win. And because I have an array of sunglasses, my large brown ones that I got at Forever 21 last year are the ones I'd have to pair them with.

coffee and a body wash with caffeine? Count me in!

Now to contrast a dark outfit, I have this other flirty H&M dress that I got for a wedding six years ago. I love that brand and when something is well taken care of the clothes can last and last! I actually also wore this dress for a low key wedding two summers ago down in Mexico so it's proven its worth. A light dress like this is very rare for me so the fact that it's one of my favorites now is earth shattering. This dress is going to be paired with not one but two new pieces to my wardrobe. The purse below is another piece I normally wouldn't wear because of it's bold patterns and colors but it's quickly become my favorite. That paired with black, lace flats and the outfit is perfectly put together. You can bet that these two are going with me to New Orleans next week!

As I mentioned above, having a body wash with a refreshing scent is the best way to get clean while waking me up at the same time.  #HowITone: I explored all the scents in the Tone rainbow to find the body was that was perfect for me. When I smelled the Petal Soft Body Wash I felt very relaxed and it took me back to my days of starting out using essential oils to lift my mood. This of course was a contrast to how the Blissful Awakening scent helped wake me up physically and mentally. If you're an avid reader of my blog you know that I'm obsessed with the scent of roses. It's super relaxing and makes me feel like a brand new person whenever I envelop myself in it. This body wash does a great job of giving me that feeling that I always love when I'm smelling roses. It really reminds me of when I started using essential oils to use aromatherapy as a way to chill out and relax! Which is a total contrast to my love of coffee!

roses and coffee, two of my favorite things!

I really thing you guys should check out how other people Tone on Instagram! And if you want to see what all the fuss is all about make sure to take advantage of IBOTTA's offer where you can earn $2 when you buy two Tone Body Washes at Walmart. Trust me, you'll be buying more than two once you get a chance to check out all of their washes and scents and #FindYourTone! Catch them before they're all gone because once people start soaking up the scents in these washes they're probably going to go fast!

Tone Body Wash in the soap aisle at Walmart