Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

I'm a music junkie. I can't ever leave my house without headphones on and that's been the case since like 1994 so to say that I've tried all different types of headphones is an understatement. While I don't wear traditional ones anymore unless I need big ones that won't fall off as I'm going for a run, I still do like how cool they look (sometimes). But for someone that always carries a small purse, if one at all, something bulky won't cut it for me. 

This is why earbuds are my go-to style of headphones, and wireless ones? Even better! I just got my first pair of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones by Motiv8ion to try out and after hesitating about them for about a week I decided to give then a try and I have to say, I'm in love with them for many reasons.

-Wireless! Nothing gets stuck when I have my cross body purse or a seat belt on. It makes me feel so free
-Wireless! (Again). I like that I can have my phone in my bag without making sure that it's on top because of the wires. I have a smartwatch as well so I get all of my alerts on it anyway and only need to pull up my phone when I'm bored at the Starbucks line or when I'm trying to ignore an Uber driver.
-Sound Quality. The sound is great! It's pretty damn amazing and I absolutely love it. 

-It's chunky. I'm not a huge fan of how big they are, they're a bit bulbous for my taste, but the size does help keep them in place. I'm also not a fan of the red but because it's not super prominent it's not driving me crazy.
All in all I'm obsessed with these and I have no interest in going back to wired headphones. Added to that, this comes with a running belt that I can use when the days get cool enough to go out for runs and I want to be hands free.