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Jul 1, 2017

These Foldable Headphones are a Travelers Dream

I'm a music junkie so I feel like I need to have headphones with me 24/7. For this reason I always have to make sure that I've got a pair handy at all times. Normally I wear my earbuds because the ones I have are my absolute favorite but when I travel and want to watch a movie on the plane I always like regular headphones because I get more of the sound without having something inside my ear for hours at a time.

I like the idea of having big headphones with me but I usually don't like how much space they take up in my carry on that's already stuffed with my blanket, laptop, iPad, snacks, etc. So these ONTA Portable Headphones are just what I'd need to help save space.

The headphones fold in a way that they take up less room without turning into super tiny things. I was afraid that if they were able to get too small that they would probably not sound too well so I was happy to find that the sound wasn't affected. The quality of the sound wasn't insanely amazing but I watched a show on my laptop with them on and didn't feel like I was missing anything.

The true test of these headphones will be when I take a flight with them next month. Oh, and it has a mic and volume controls with means that if they pass that test then I'll consider using them regularly.

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