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Jul 28, 2017

Dress Up a Cute Dress with a Versatile Purse

Summer is coming to an end so that means that I have to take advantage of it like crazy! I spent so many days relaxing indoors with the ac one but because of that I missed out on a lot of days where I could have worn super cute outfits. I also didn't have all the accessories needed to feel like I was truly embracing summer.

One of those accessories was a super cute purse. This Vintage Patchwork Crossbody Purse I have is really cool and super versatile but it's more of a M-F fall/winter purse. It's dark, made really well, but the colors, material and style don't scream summer. This purse that I got from ___ however does!

While it is a dark color it fits really well with most of my summer outfits, like the dress and shoes above. The size is perfect for a carefree day out having brunch with friends or a day out at the farmers market. It's made really well and fits all of my everyday necessities while not being too bulky. I'm excited to take it with me on a trip that I'm taking in a few days because I know it'll hold everything I need while blending in with my outfits perfectly. This purse comes in different colors and while I was on the fence on which one to choose from, I opted for the darker one because it the color works better in the fall. It also goes well in warmer months because while it's dark, it's not big and overpowering.

When I put this outfit together I had a flirty and versatile idea in mind which is why I paired it with my lace flats. I just got these last week and they are super duper comfy! The contrast between those, the dress, and purse somehow fit really well and make for a really great outfit. Having it be a cross body bag also lets me let loose while I'm on the go. Because it's across from me I don't have to worry too much about it catching on something or someone grabbing it if I'm not fully aware of my surroundings, which yes, I know is super bad, but it's a perfect reason to own a cross body purse, right?

All in all it's something that at first I was hesistant to wear out because it totally doesn't look like it's my style but after trying it out with a few outfits I'm convinced that it was a good get and I'm glad I was given the chance to dress outside of my box!

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