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Jul 3, 2017

All in One Salad Bowl

I love making salads. Love love love! But one thing I don't love so much is having to chop so many different things on my tiny cutting board, putting it all in one bowl to toss in dressing and then have to clean up three things after I eat.

This Salad Cutter Bowl makes it super easy to make a salad while only using one bowl and lets even cuts be made in veggies. I hate cutting tomatoes cause I only end up with either big pieces or small ones but with a tiny cut on my finger. I also don't like cutting them on my cutting board because if I let the juice from it dry it's just a bit harder to clean. Being able to cut those in the same bowl that I'm going to eat them in which makes for an easy clean up for this lazy chick right here!

The bowl itself is a good size for a one person salad and it's made out of plastic so it won't break easily. I haven't tried washing it in the dishwasher but I'm going to ask the company on Amazon if it is. The box that it comes in gives step by step instructions on how to use it and has a little guide inside as well for when you get rid of the box. But I can't imagine anyone needing it because looking at the salad cutter bowl makes it extremely easy for anyone to know how's it should be used. Bon apetite!

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