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Jul 6, 2017

A Magic Brush Does Exist!

This is a really cool styling tool to use! My hair is pretty long, and has lots of layers. It is a normal thickness and texture, I do have wave to my hair when I just let it air dry (not the nice wave- the frizzy flat wave). With the Sterline Straightener Brush I was able to achieve a fuller straight style. When I flat iron, it is a very flat straight- which I do of course like but this brush gives me a fuller-straight look that is a bit different. I tend to curl my hair more because I do like the fuller look, so I am thrilled to have this as a third option!

The brush is similar in size to a curling iron or flat iron. It is the area underneath the "brush bristles" that gets hot. The bristles are hard and do a great job of keeping your hair in check while running the brush through. It is not "straight in seconds", it definitely took a few minutes to get through my hair, but the end result was straightened and significantly frizz free. Similar to the look of a blow out.

The brush plugs in and has a cord length that is good for maneuvering. The brush also comes with a heat protecting glove. Now I totally didn't use it the first time I straightened my hair but I totally regretted it. My hair was so hot to the touch that I had to keep waiting for it to cool off before grabbing more to straighten. Using the glove was super helpful because it let me work quicker and take less breaks and in the summer I want to be under heat for as little as possible. 

Overall, the brush works as intended and gave me a new way to style that looks great! I am happy with it!

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