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Jun 22, 2017

True White Whitening Kit

I'm a coffee drinker. I'm a tea drinker. I'm a damn red wine drinker! So of course all of those things lead to not having the super white teeth that I used to have a couple of years ago. Sadness! So while I've been wanting to get my teeth whitened for ages, I'm super cheap when it comes to some things and I have zero plans to stop drinking the aforementioned beverages so I'v,e been on the hunt for a really good whitener.

I've used a lot of whitening toothpastes and some have done a better job than others but none have made me amazed. And of course I've used the whitening strips but they pretty much suck!

So I ended up getting this whitening kit by True White to try out and give you guys my opinion on. I've gotta say that after a week of using it my teeth do feel a whole lot cleaner in general but I haven't seen the whiteness come in yet. Maybe I just need more time? I don't know. The idea of it is really cool but I was thrown off by the fact that I needed to use batteries to get the light to turn on. It makes me wonder if it would be a waste of time when the battery starts to die out or if it just shuts off when the battery doesn't supply the power that it needs.

Personally I'm not 100% sold on this yet as a whitener but I totally love the clean feelings that my mouth after eating food all day. I'm going to keep using it though to see if maybe I just have tougher stains than the norm due to my excessive coffee drinking but the fact that it's only battery operated still makes it feel as if it won't work as well as other whitening products that this company has on the market. I'm eager to give one of those a try because I think they'll have a quicker affect on me based on my needs.

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