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Jun 16, 2017

Puredome Electric Wine Decanter

I've been using wine aerators and decanters for quite some time now but I've never used one that was electric. Usually the ones I've gotten with wine kits were those little clear ones that bubble my red wine as it passes through. They're tiny, made of plastic mostly, and don't ever need to be charged because they don't require power.

The aerator by puredome is a completely different story though and I don't know how much I like it. I'm super techy so i was happy to get this to play with but not only is it kinda weird, but it requires a lot for something I can get in a plastic tube. Plus, I can clean those in the dishwasher, this I cannot. It does come with instructions as well that are very detailed so if you're confused about how to use this, you won't be for very long because it's even got photos to guide you perfectly. 

But let's talk about some pros. It's cool looking and it brings wine drinking into the new age. I like how it shaped like a wine glass and how the wine gets picked up from one tube and spits out into the wine glass through another. It really is a nice addition to a wine rack if you're a hipster and wanna show your friends your cool gadgets but for someone like me, I prefer things a bit simpler, especially since this has to be held with one stick in the wine bottle and another pouring out into a glass instead of having something small in between the bottle and glass.

So again, I think it's a super cool gadget for a wine drinker but for me, it's a bit high tech for something that should be as easy as one, two, drink!

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