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Jun 25, 2017

Must Have Cooking Gadget: Food Thermometer

I love cooking. Love love love it! And while I know that I've slowed down with the food posts on the blog soon you'll get bored with the abundance of them. Or not really. Actually def not. You'll be salivating while reading every post. I'm the meantime though since I'm getting my kitchen back together I'm starting to buy all the nifty little tools that I know will be needed to make my food look awesome while it's being cooked as well as amazing when it's presented.

While I love presenting super good looking food I have to always keep in mind that the food has to taste good as well and be cooked thoroughly so I got myself a cool thermometer again (I gave away my last one) to ensure that all the meats I cook come out right. Usually when I'm making food I judge it based on how it looks on the outside and then cut a huge gash in the middle of it but because I mostly cook for my blog now I can't ugly up all of my food. I need to make sure that they'll look pretty as well as not making me sick by cooking them all the way. 

This is why I love using my food thermometer. It lets me know where I am with my cooking without totally butchering it. Now the one I had before this one had one extra feature that I liked which was that it told me the ideal temperature for different types of meats on the thermometer itself, which this one doesn't. But aside from that it does the job and not having that guide on the stick gives me an extra reason to have my iPad permanently on display on my counter for those times that I need to look it up while following a recipe.

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