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Jun 15, 2017

Making That Sushi at Home

Sushi. Who doesn't like it? Okay okay, I know a few people that do. But that number is minuscule compared to the ones that adore it. I for one am obsessed with sushi but I don't eat much out in LA because it's surprisingly pricier that I normally get it in NYC. This gets solved kinda easily, and fun, with a sushi making kit!

I love cooking and teaching people to cook is super fun. As are taking group classes but sometimes a person just wants to make food together with a significant other, or friends, at home where they can chill and be silly.  The blah blah blah sushi maker is a really cute kit that'll let you make a ton of sushi in no time. The instructions for it are super easy and if you've got a rice maker, like I do, as long as some raw food and seaweed wrappers you're all set.

I got this kit from Tiger Sushi. It's super exciting to have a set that comes with everything I need to actually make sushi at home, complete with a knife that goes into the grooves perfectly. The first ones I'm going to make are regular rolls but I am totally not going to forget to make heart shaped sushi for the ones I love the most: myself! ha!

Def grab a set of these for yourself or your favorite sushi lover but make sure that if you're getting one of these for a junior chef that their parents are around when they use it since it does come with a sharp knife!

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