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Jun 25, 2017

LED Light Acne Therapy

When it comes to acne solutions there are a tons of products on the market that claim to be the last thing you will ever need. Added to that, technology and skincare is fusing and tons of gadgets are on the market now as the hottest things your bathroom counter needs.

I've used those fun light masks from Neutrogena and higher end companies and I think they're super fun. I mean, it's a mask that you get to put on your face that uses light therapy to help with wrinkles, acne, or saggy skin--whatever your skin needs help with the most.

But sometimes I don't have time to have something cover my face completely because maybe I wanna watch tv or the lights are bothering my face so I like that this Acne Treatment LED Light Therapy is a non invasive way to treat current acne flare ups as well as prevent future ones. It's super easy to use, provides on the spot treatment, and it's small enough to put in my cosmetics case when I travel.

To use it just make sure the light therapy is fully charged and put the blue light, which is what dermatologists recommend, for 3 minutes daily until the pimple is gone. I don't normally get pimples that flare up a ton but I do have ones that I kill right when I feel them creeping up. I've been using these on those massive, deep pimples that I get once every few months and I'm happy to say that I prevented one from turning into the one eyed monster we all fear.

I'm liking this so far and because I don't get acne flare ups all the time it's perfect for someone like me. Now if only they'd come out with one that helps slow down the signs of aging and I'd jump on that right away!

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