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Jun 23, 2017

Battery Pack for Camping Trip: Check!

This summer my family is doing a crazy hike on the Appalachian Trail to celebrate someone's milestone. Am I into it? Not really. But will I do it? Hell yea! I've been walking a ton because of my Fitbit and while I've never been camping before, it seems like something super cool to do. Plus my cousins are a trip so I know I'll be laughing more than thinking about sleeping in a tent.

Because of this I've decided that we need tons of provisions! There's no way I'm going into the woods without being able to charge my phone or Fitbit, let alone without coffee every morning! Priorities here! So it's great that I was given an external battery charger to write about. It's like the internet knew what I was planning this summer.

The Dark Energy charger by Poseidon is more than just an extmernal battery pack. It's super duper rugged and is water proof so it's perfect for going into the woods as it's weather resistant as well. It's also got a flashlight setting as well as an SOS beacon. Yea, it has that. I've never had an external battery with this included.

As far as charging my phone goes, the USB cable that comes with this is protected really well which adds to the ruggedness of it at. I'm hoping to get a solar charger that I can fill this up with when we go on our hiking trip. I'm so happy that this came right when I was making plans for the trip and can't wait to put it to the test!

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