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Jun 28, 2017

Alterna CC Hair Cream

Oh summer!  Sun! Heat! Frizz! Eek!!! I'm the kind of person that has always dreaded summer slightly because my hair is very fickle. It peaks at late September-April in NYC but fluctuates here in LA. It's super intense and makes my life a little less manageable. But I'm constantly on the search for a great product that's going to give my frizzy hair the moisture that it needs while also taming my insane frizz.

I have products that I adore and will never part with but I'm always willing to add another one to my collection and that other one is Alterna CC Cream. It's a leave in conditioner that also works as a styling agent. Unlike most styling products, this leave in conditioner doesn't claim to be the only product you'll ever need and says flat out that it can be used with other styling products. This is huge for me because I use tons of products that have different benefits that I cannot live without.

I used it during a hair dryer day to see how it would hold up when I went under the dryer. I didn't use any serum because I wanted to see how well this would fare. It didn't leave me hair as soft as I would have liked but it didn't leave it hard either. I was able to straighten my hair without a problem and after applying some of my shine spray I was ready to face the heat! 

All in all, it's not a bad product if you want something with hold but that still leaves your hair manageable. I also do keratin treatments sometimes so it’s important for me to use products daily that aren’t harsh or damaging to my hair. The next day I didn't have any residue on my scalp so I can see this being something that I'd use a bit more, especially when I'm out of gel.

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