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May 29, 2017

Your Eyes are Gold!

Under eye circles are a drag. As are wrinkles down there. EEK! This is why I, like every skincare junkie, is obsessed with taking care of our under eye area because it's super delicate and sensitive. I've tried tons of under eye creams, serums, etc, but I never fully got into under eye masks. I always thought they were cool looking but was never fully immersed in them.

Of course, everything changed when these 24K gold eye masks came into the picture. 24k gold eye masks are set to add tons of needed moisture to the under eye area as well as help them look a little plumper, which of course always makes us look younger. They're also said to help with puffiness. I've work contacts for over 20 years so my under eye area is in bad shape. I've started wearing my glasses almost exclusively for this reason. I just look a lot better and less tired when I have them on so it was always a better choice but with he summer rolling in I wanted it to be all about contacts!

Trying these under eye masks was really fun. They stayed in place, were really cooling, and I didn't have to leave them on for too long. Best of all I was able to wear my glasses while I had them on, so I wasn't blinded or forced to wear my contacts. I love the texture of these and how the box came with 12 pairs for $16, which is a great deal from Foot Petal on Amazon.

I'm going to try to sleep with them on tonight to see if that helps me get more moisture in because I'll take all I can get. But for now this is a good step in the right direction for getting my under eye area under control!

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