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May 22, 2017

Stay Cool as Ice....Almost

Oh summer. The sun, iced coffee and the heat heat heat! I like to spend my mornings and weekends laying out in the yard catching some nice vitamin d but that usually doesn't last long because the sun by me is so strong that I feel like it's cooking my bones! I always want something that will let me stay out longer but without a fan cooling me down or ice cold water, I'm usually screwed. Using a wet towel normally does the trick as well but those only leave me dripping and with a hot towel on the back of my neck.

These Sports Cooling Towels are a teeny bit different though. There's something about them that let them retain the coolness of the water they were put in without leaving you soaking wet. I used one on the back of my neck and another on my chest. It did a good job of keeping me cool and it let me sit out a bit longer than I normally do. I think eventually I want to try getting a really big one and putting it under an outdoor recliner if I want to stay out in clothes that I don't mind getting a teeny bit wet.

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