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May 30, 2017

Home Decor: Cute Couch Cushions

I recently acquired a new space to help with my creativity and the most exciting part about doing it is that I get to decorate! Not only am I able to pull out some of my amazing pieces of home decor that I've had put away for almost a year but I get to add a few new things to my collection.

The space that I have is a really adorable studio with a full kitchen (and bathroom) so it really gives me a lot to work with. There's enough space for a TV, couch, tons of counter space and of course, an area for a desk so that I can focus on the most important thing: writing!

When it came to getting things set up I had to get a super cute couch. I haven't purchased one in ages and was happy to grab one quickly from Amazon but while it's great for my space, it didn't come with any cushions to add a bit of life to it. Or to act as pillows. Lucky for me though I'm a blogger that sometimes has access to great things to review, and on came the cushions.

These cushion by HomeRightonline are super cute, comfy and blend in well with whatever fabric your furniture is. Th cushion that I got was extremely fluffy and came with a great velvet cover with tassels on top. The problem I've had with most cushions is that they're usually so flat that after leaning on them for just a few days they start to wear down and seem more like a seat cushion. Not only have I been using these as a couch pillow I sometimes like to put it between my laptop and my lap so that I could write better and it hasn't failed me because of how firm it is.

HomeRightonline is selling these handmade cushions for $48 on Etsy and they have so many other designs to offer. I like these black ones for the fall and winter and plan on getting some of their lighter ones for the rest of the summer months because I think something as small as a cushion could make a huge difference in the way your space looks. Def be on the lookout for what is currently on their Etsy store and keep checking in with them to see what other goodies they have to offer as time goes by. You won't regret it!

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