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May 29, 2017

EZC Pak Supplements

As a beauty and skincare junkie I pay a lot of attention to how I treat my skin from the outside but I've been really bad about taking care of myself fro the inside. This is on a regular basis as well as when I'm sick. I mean, my favorite thing to do when I'm sick is whine about being sick but not doing anything about it. I know, it's super lame, but I also know that I am not alone in this.

I've taken echinacea on and off over the years when I've been sick, or have been feeling like something was coming on, as well as vitamin C, so I know how important and helpful they are when I'm fighting a cold or anything with cold like symptoms. That's why I wasn't skeptical about the EZC Pak that I was sent to give a try. Again, I know the benefits of the ingredients inside and for me, they've always seemed to work, so I liked the idea of having what I like to take when I'm sick in one whole packet instead of having tons of different bottles laying around the house. As someone that already has an issue buying medicine when I'm not sick, you can only imagine that I'm not into buying tons of products just to have laying around for the moments that I need them.

These capsules go down super smooth and after taking a few, I didn't experience any weird side effects, which to me is key when taking supplements or medication. I plan on having a few available for the moments that I do feel something coming on and I think you should too! The product has good reviews on Amazon and if you already take a bunch of supplements, why not taking them all in one?

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