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May 30, 2017

2-in-1 Socks for Workouts and Long Flights

I'm not a super workout freak but when I work out I like to do things that incorporate strength as well as cardio. This is why I like doing pilates, strength yoga and of my favorite thing of all: barre classes. These classes are meant to be taken wearing clothing that are a little bit on the fitted side because of the movements (and sweat) that it incorporates. It's also meant to be worn with non slip socks because sneakers are just way too bulky for it and being barefoot is a no no because it's gross and also the sweat will easily make you slip on the wood floor.

The non-slip socks from Aulexy are not only really cute because they don't just come in black or lame hospital blue, but do the trick perfectly. I like wearing them when I work out as well as when I'm doing things around the house because they are thin enough for my feet to feel cool but thick enough where I can run outside to get the mail or something from the yard if I need to.

The four pack comes in four colors: black grey, pink and white, and fit perfectly under my socks if I need to throw my sneakers on to run a quick errand that goes further than my mailbox. The grip on these socks, after one wash, is still really strong and again, I like that they are thick yet airy. Not only are these going to be my go-to light workout socks but I also plan on making them part of my carry on travel bag so that I can walk around a plane during a long flight without having to keep my shoes on. They're totally worth it!

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