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Aug 23, 2016

Scrubbing Brush

I've been making scrubs for a few years now. It started with a regular sugar and coconut oil. I also went coffee crazy and started making scrubs with freshly ground coffee beans because I had read about what a great stimulant caffeine is when you want to combat cellulite.

This is why the Dry Brushes by Spaverde were a godsend! I like that I was able to use these with or without any scrub and it gave my skin a super smooth feel for when I wanted to apply bronzers, self tanners or sun tan lotion.

I keep the large one in my shower and the small face one on my sink with all of my skincare products so that I don't forget to use it at least once a week. Even when I don't use these with any products I like how it makes my skin feel and I think it does a great job of exfoliating my skin with or without the help of exfoliating products. Def give them a try! Your legs will thank me!

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