Surprise Flowers to Brighten Your Day

I've become a gardening junkie as of late but aside from sunflowers everything that I grow is for ingredients that I can juice with. I never knew how great gardening could be until I actually started doing it. Nurturing and watching something grow is pretty cool. Especially if you can eat it after a few months!

EcoFarms Wildflower Seed Kit came with nine different types of seeds for me to plant without telling me exactly what will grow but instead gives me a color scheme. The major thing that EcoFarms wants you to know if that they want to brighten up your home and make you feel good. They also give you this little guide below that lets you in on what could make you feel amazing subconsciously.

The little boxes that the seeds come in are super cute and I've planted some in my garden and can't wait for them to start growing. If they grow fast enough thanks to my awesome sunlight I might get a bunch of cute pots so I can start then outside and have them throughout my apartment to have a little bit of happiness in whatever room I go into

I love how cute and little these are!