Motion Sensored Nightlight

I love two things: lights and not pressing buttons....unless they're on my phone. No, seriously. I mean, I control half of the lights in my apartment through my phone or iPad so if I'm ever given a chance to have things turn on/off automatically well then, I welcome it!

These Automatic LED Plug-in Wall from Kohree are super cool. I have a pretty big room as well as bathroom and while I have a (remote controlled) pendant lamp right next to my bed the switch to the overhead is way over by the door. As a blogger without an office my bedroom is constantly filled with boxes of things that I need to review and if I don't use my phones flashlight to get to the door I can easily trip. Not cute. Not cute at all, so having a motion sensored nightlight is the way to go!

The lights are LED and super duper bright! I was given two of them so I keep one in my bedroom and the other in the hallway leading to the bathroom and so far they haven't failed me. The design is really sleek and I like how well it fits in with my super modern apartment. I was lucky enough to get these for free to try out but they sell two for $9.99 and with 162 5 star reviews, they're totally worth a shot!