WayGood Tea's Chamomile Mint Cleanse

I love tea and I love cleanses so it's only natural that I enjoyed WayGood Tea's Chamomile Mint Cleanse Tea.

I'm used to drinking teas that are tightly packed and I know that the flavor in them isn't as powerful as they could be if I was using loose leaves so this was a treat. What was also a treat is that this tea did a lot of things: it was calming thanks to the chamomile, refreshing due to the mint and the dandelion that helps to detox, as well as the calendula.

Overall it's a great comforting tea that can put me in a relaxed state while helping to flush my body of harmful toxins. 22 bags for $16.95 is a great deal and I'm totally going to check out other teas from WayGood Tea,