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Apr 9, 2015

Baiden Mitten. Yay or Nah?

Well, this is odd. It's the first time I have something to write about that utterly confuses me and that product is the Baiden Mitten. According to the instructions with the packaging you're supposed to scrub your body with this after your shower. Which then leaves your skin looking as if you've put Elmer's glue all over it and let it dry. I used this once and was immediately thrown off by it. I like to leave a shower super smooth and without any flakes. That's why I have my coffee and lemongrass scrub in there.

The whole idea of this mitten was a bit off to me. Adding to that was the laundry list of claims and the lack of information on their website.  This Baiden Mitten is an exfoliator that you can seemingly use all over your body, lips included, and claims to get rid of blackheads, diminish the appearance of stretch marks, toughen skin, and  help detox the body when used frequently. Say wha.....?

I'm not pro on skincare (well no, that's kinda a lie) so if you want to give this a shot, I say give it a shot. There are tons of products that I've read reviews on in the past but still tried out and learned to love, so maybe I'm just one of the few that says no to this. Regardless of that though, this product just isn't for me, and I won't be using mine again.

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