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Mar 17, 2015

Check Your Ovulation...With Something Else

There are a few reasons why a woman wants to know when she's ovulating. It could be because she's using the rhythm method, she's trying to get pregnant, or she just wants to see if she's regular. There are tons of products on the market that could help with that but the product I recently received to test all that out but the Easy Home Ovulation Test

The first issue I had with this product is the design and packaging itself. It looks really cheap and kinda cheesy but maybe that's the point. There isn't much that can be thrown on a box designed to check for ovulation or pregnancy. The next and major issue that I had is that when I used a test the entire window turned light purple. I tried dipping it in the tiniest amount of liquid and the whole thing changed color. Granted, the test lines were very pronounced but that made it seem as if it didn't work.

Finally, when I started playing with the ovulation tests they kept coming up negative. I took them two days apart and it was negative every time but guess what...I obviously did ovulate because my period came within 2 weeks of starting to use these. Hmmm...

I wouldn't recommend these and would advise everyone to steer clear. There are tons of brands out there on the market with higher price tags that I now see would be totally worth it. I wouldn't want reply on a subpar product for something as important as baby (or non baby) making and neither should anyone else.

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