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Jan 11, 2015

Anavita Moisturizing Cream Giveaway

I hate to admit it but I am at that age where I need to be really strict with my anti-wrinkle products. I actually think that anyone over the age of 27 needs to be on high alert for fine lines because it's much better to slow down the effects of aging than it is to reverse. Once the lines are deep it's pretty much too late to do anything serious about it without heading into a doctors office!

Anavita's Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Cream is one of the products I've been using recently that I think is starting to work. I like that it's not heavy and has a nice and subtle scent. I only use it at night after I wash and dry my face and along with my retinol and serums and it doesn't seem to clash or give me any negative reaction. Just like any anti-wrinkle cream worthy of a shot this product not only slows down the appearance or wrinkles but works to firm and tone the skin which is something we really need as we get older since we start to lose the elasticity in our skin right around the third decade of existence!

Anavita says that this product works just as great, or even better than serums and retinol but I'm not ready to test that out just yet! However I am giving one reader a change to test out their claims! So enter below for your chance to try out this great new product!

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